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We create beautiful animated videos for products that have a story to tell
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Video - the best way
of providing information
A short video clip replaces several thousands of text characters and saves time of your customer
better to see once
Our works
Businesses need to go with the times
And it is important for us to go ahead. To do this, we are tracking the latest trends, improving our style and experimenting.
We know how to dive into business problems
and create a clip
that will be interesting,
useful and memorable
We know how to create
quality video
which becomes synonymous
of your brand or product
for your customers
We know how to make
first impression
about your product
did not last

The foundation of every video –
script and storyboard

We know how to identify the most important things, which advantages and features to emphasize and how to present it to your target audience.
We are ready to write a text in almost every category quickly, cool and totally free
How we work
You leave a request on our website
We discuss a script, storyboard, voice and music with you.
You get a finished video
More details
1. You leave a request on our website

2. We contact you and send a list of questions.

3. After receiving your answers, we prepare a script.

4. After you confirm the script we prepare a storyboard.

5. We offer different variants of voiceover for your script.

6. We order professional voiceover and prepare illustrations based on storyboard.

7. After your approval we begin to animate illustrations.

8. We select suitable music and sounds.

9. Make last corrections.

10. You get a finished video. Congrats!

Still have questions? Ready to order?
We protect your privacy and personal information
Shooting video
Got something to show? We can shoot!

  • Do you need to introduce some character?

  • Do you need to show the process in details?

  • Do you want to give a vivid description of product?

  • Do you need to tell about new service in person?

We know, how to make video about this.
Promotional video
for "Мой перевозчик" company
you'll find yourself in very good company
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We are situated in ukraine.
You are welcome to visit us
or we will visit you with great pleasure

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